All SEQ ART KIDS workshops are presented by professional artists who have been teaching New York City public school children for decades. Our select group of multicultural educators shares their real-world skills and experiences, and students respond with great enthusiasm. SEQ ART KIDS teaching artists are chosen, in part, for their delicate touch in helping students learn how to communicate precisely, resolve conflicts nonviolently, and develop a strong and compassionate sense of self. Because these practicing professionals regularly make public presentations of their own artwork, they understand firsthand the emotional benefit of constructive criticism. They all have a finely-tuned sense of empathy and a deft touch in empowering their students to make ever more creative and innovative work.

SEQ ART KIDS instructors give students real world examples of how to set and achieve goals; plan and follow through; and work independently and in teams. The linguistic intelligence prized by the New York State English and Language Arts Standards is supported and enhanced by SEQ ART KIDS, which insists that students incorporate written and spoken language into their filmmaking, photography, music, and museum studies projects. SEQ ART KIDS students are better able to make connections between the arts and other disciplines, and exhibit increases in brain-power, literacy, descriptive and critical-thinking skills, hypothesizing, reasoning, and self esteem. As one Principal wrote, "SEQ ART KIDS is valuable in the studentsí lives. When students learn side by side with a professional artist, it brings out what kids can do well and connects with literacy and mathematics... SEQ ART KIDS is successful at making learning fun yet at the same time rigorous."