Recent kudos for SEQARTKIDS:

"As a Member of the New York City Committee on Cultural Affairs, I commend SEQARTKIDS for their steadfast commitment to public arts education. For more than three decades, SEQARTKIDS has offered a high-quality and challenging curriculum that has inspired their students to explore their creativity and express themselves in an innovative way. The immersive learning experience has established a solid foundation for students to flourish as the next generation of talented artists whose work will be showcased throughout our city’s arts and cultural institutions."
-Council Member Laurie A. Cumbo, 35th District, Brooklyn

"You taught all of us so much fascinating information. You captured my students' attention week after week. Your enthusiasm and positive kind-hearted attitude are infectious. Thanks for everything. We will miss you!"
-Eleeza Teagle, First Grade Teacher

"The SEQARTKIDS program at PS20 helped children see their neighborhood in a new light. They learned practical skills, but more importantly, gained a new tool for self expression by combining image and text. Their photographs were stunning, and the kids were extremely excited to show off their work at the opening of their exhibition in a professional art gallery."
-Dara Furlow, Parent and PTA President

"When I saw firsthand how instrumental Franklin Furnace's program is to our school, I immediately installed a selection of very beautiful and influential SEQARTKIDS photographs in one of the busiest corridors. Franklin Furnace has been a positive proactive force in the lives of P.S.20 students and their community, so much that our PTA allocated funds to help pay for SEQARTKIDS programs."
-Principal Lena Barbera, PS20K

"The skill, creativity, evidence of collaboration and sheer excitement I witnessed at P.S. 217 during the presentation of student-made films surpassed my wildest expectations of what might be possible among a group of 7 year olds."
-PTA Co-President Audrey Walen, PS217K

"These workshops leap over boundaries of language and culture by integrating art practice and classroom curriculum, are proven to serve children who have different learning styles, and have nurtured pride in our community. I hope other schools in Council District 35 and beyond will partner with your preeminent arts-in-education program."
-Letitia James, Public Advocate for the City of New York