All SEQARTKIDS lessons correlate to Federal, State and City standards and curricula. For complete details please visit our Standards page.

The standard SEQARTKIDS plan involves a twelve-week workshop with one teaching artist visiting one classroom for ten 90-minute sessions, preceded by one planning meeting and followed by one assessment meeting. This standard plan may be adjusted to suit the individual needs of districts, schools, and classrooms.

SEQARTKIDS workshops may feature presentations by guest artists; class trips to museums, cultural institutions, and historic sites; and public presentations, performances, and exhibitions to which the entire community is invited. SEQARTKIDS classes may have the opportunity to exhibit their work at professional arts organizations like The Center for Architecture, 80 Arts-The James E. Davis Arts Building, and The City Reliquary Museum.

SEQARTKIDS students gain greater opportunities to crystallize their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills; learn the integral skills of writing, critical viewing, vocabulary development, group discussion, and decision-making; and expand their understanding of how museums and other cultural organizations work in partnership with local communities.