Digital artwork designed by a 5th-grade
SEQ ART KIDS student, inspired by
Mayan mythology.

In MAKING GRAPHIC NOVELS with LOUISE DIEDRICH students learn the various elements that comprise one of the most beloved and creative forms of modern storytelling, the graphic novel. By incorporating art and narration participants will explore the historical progress and cultural impact of graphic novels and be given the necessary tools and knowledge to create their own.

Students engage in group activities where reading and writing is fused with art and design. This builds a deeper understanding of narrative structures in fiction writing.
The framework of a story's plot, including its characters, setting, and themes is explored alongside the literal and figurative linguistic traits of inventive dialogue. Students are introduced to visual components and motifs used to enhance a story, ranging from color palettes to panel designs. MAKING GRAPHIC NOVELS offers a unique approach to the art of storytelling which aids in the
development of reading and writing comprehension and builds art-based technical skills.

Learning Objectives Corresponding to The NYC Department of Education Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts:

MAKING GRAPHIC NOVELS with LOUISE DIEDRICH is a twelve-week Workshop with ten 90-minute classroom sessions, preceded by one planning meeting and followed by one assessment meeting. Sample lesson plans are available on request.

SEQ ART KIDS' Website Design instructor Louise Diedrich received her Masters of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts. In 1993, she moved to New York City to work in the Independent Study Program of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Her multimedia installations and drawings have been exhibited at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Gavin Brown Enterprises, and Feature Gallery. Louise has worked in New York City schools and after-school programs since 1998, teaching and collaborating with New York City children and youth on a variety of projects including student-created websites for SEQ ART KIDS, and documentary films, animated shorts, comic book autobiographies, ceramic sculpture, and mixed media projects.

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